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Commercial Vinyl Flooring Can Be Used For Homes Too

Your flooring can offer you one of the most transformative ways of giving your home a complete makeover, but there's no doubt about it: it can look like a daunting undertaking from both a practical and financial perspective.

Amidst the numerous tile, carpet and sheet options for your home, here's one possibility you may not have considered: vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is durable, affordable and endlessly adaptable to the needs of any household, and you needn't compromise on what you want because of financial pressure. Not only can vinyl flooring come in all styles and designs, but it needn't cost the earth, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too.

For many, their home is tantamount to a workspace. This is especially true for those with families and the ever-looming threat of heavy foot traffic. Commercial vinyl flooring, which is traditionally used in a business environment, can offer a great solution, because the reasons many commercial enterprises opt for vinyl flooring are often equally applicable to a household setting.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Let's face it - outside of a professional setting, very few people maintain a keen interest in the nuances of the flooring industry, so for most, choosing from the many options available can seem overwhelmingly complicated. In simple terms, here are a few reasons vinyl flooring is often the solution of choice for commercial flooring projects, and furthermore, why it could be the best option for you:

  • Variety: Without a doubt, vinyl floor styles offer the most in terms of sheer breadth of variety. Virtually any pattern, style, colour, and even shape you can imagine will be available, and the nature of the material means it can be adapted to suit any environment.

  • Ease: Vinyl flooring is nothing if not easy - easy to install, easy to afford, easy to clean. Installation is quick and painless, which is why it's often used for commercial flooring projects - because it reduces disruption. Vinyl flooring is also resistant to all manner of spills and stain risks, and doesn't necessarily rely on a completely blank slate to be fitted - often, it can be laid over your existing floor, and will even help smooth out any inconsistent bulges.

  • Wear & Tear: Commercial vinyl flooring can be a great choice for busy households because it is specifically designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic. It is extremely durable, and can even offer sound proofing.

If any of these benefits sound like they could suit your lifestyle, then don't hesitate to contact Generations Flooring at 905.669.6618 for a Free, no obligation consultation. If you live in the greater Toronto area, they can help you take the next step, quite literally by providing a MOBILE SAMPLE SERVICE where they bring the samples to your home.

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