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Home Renovation With Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is undeniably the quickest, cheapest and most effective means of home renovation. They're infinitely versatile - and can come in tile, or sheet form, allowing them to adapt directly to your home's needs. They can also come in a wide variety of designs and colours, allowing you to create virtually any desired atmosphere within your home.

To the home renovation novice, however, the vast array of flooring options available can be overwhelming and knowing where to start can look insurmountable. Here's a quick-fire guide to home renovation with vinyl flooring.

Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Anything quick, affordable and easy can have its drawbacks.

Durability: While vinyl floors stand up to standard home messes like stain-damage, and liquid spills, they do not cope well with sharp objects or particularly heavy loads.

Colour damage: One of the most appealing things about home renovation with vinyl flooring is the vast array of colours and designs available to you - unfortunately, colour and design can both fade with repeated exposure to bright sunlight, so make sure you choose where you place it carefully. Similarly, avoid using it outdoors.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Easy to keep clean: Vinyl flooring is water and stain resistant, making it ideal for kitchens and anywhere where mess is a prerequisite - it's easy and quick to keep clean and adaptable to any normal household.

Quick & Cheap: Compared to most other flooring, vinyl flooring offers the cheapest and most adaptable home renovation solution.

Easy to install: Vinyl flooring is easy to install yourself, or, if you are no DIY expert, the speed of its installation means hiring a professional to provide these services will not accrue an extortionate fee.

Can overlay existing flooring: For the most part, vinyl flooring can easily be laid over your existing flooring - this will not only save on the potential financial costs of removing your existing set-up but vinyl flooring's "smoothing" properties means you won't even notice after installation.

Noise and comfort: Vinyl flooring is a comfortable method of home renovation - and can make a floor soft and easy to walk on. Similarly, it has great sound proofing properties - making it ideal for households with children.

Durability: While vinyl flooring may not stand up well to heavy, intense load, or high concentrations of pressure in small areas, it is very well-suited to heavy foot traffic.

Vinyl flooring offers a great means of home renovation for anyone looking to transform their living space, while maintaining a practically workable living environment. If you live in Toronto, or the surrounding area of the GTA, and are thinking about renovating your home with vinyl flooring, then contact Generations Flooring at 905-669-6618 for a free consultation.

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