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Do It Yourself or Professional Carpet Installation?

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and the more information you have on any particular topic, the better equipped you are to make an informed a decision.

Before you make the decision to go for professional carpet installation, it's probably worth looking at the pros and cons of doing it the old fashioned way, so you can assess your own situation and make your choice based on your own particular needs.

DIY Pros

Cost: Of course, the first obvious advantage of doing it yourself lies in associated costs - simply put, all other things being equal, DIY-ing your carpet installation is bound to save you money. Calculating this can be difficult, however, because if you're a complete beginner, or under some circumstances, even anything less than a pro, you can accrue hidden costs from doing anything less than a perfect job - including the need to purchase additional materials, or carpet.

Timing: When you're doing it yourself, you're not at the mercy of a contractor, so can complete the task whenever it suits you - rather than taking the necessary time off work, or moving your schedule around to accommodate the contractor.

DIY Cons

Difficulty: It can be very difficult to judge how tricky any one job is likely to be - and this is especially true if you're not a professional. Similarly, adapting to new circumstances, or discovering that a job is more tricky than you'd initially thought can be very difficult for the amateur carpet installer.

Cost: Cost is often associated with professional installation, but there are plenty of costs associated with DIY installation too - consider all the equipment you will need to get hold of, or what if you make a mistake? Mistakes often warrant new materials and/or carpet. Sometimes mistakes warrant starting from scratch.

Professional Pros

Minimal Disruption: Hiring professional carpet installers will limit the imposition placed on either your home, or business - and commits you to completing the job by a certain date, so the job is completed with as little fuss as possible, and as quickly as possible.

Quality: Of course, professional carpet installers will have tackled infinitely more carpeting jobs than you, should you choose to opt for DIY installation, so you can expect a higher quality once a contractor has completed the job.

No Hidden Costs: With professional carpet installation, you needn't worry about any hidden costs - if the installation goes wrong, the contractor is obligated to cover repairs, and they provide their own tools - should you wish to have your old carpet disposed of, contractors will often offer to do so for a fee too.

So there you have it - a quick guide to the pros and cons of DIY or professional carpet installation.

If you live in Toronto, or the surrounding area, and would like further information, Generations Flooring may be able to offer more help and advice, including a free consultation only if you call 905.669.6618.

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